Alpha Café to Open in Whistler Village

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The culinary masters behind Alta Bistro are set to expand their horizons with the imminent opening of the Alpha Café. This novel eatery will be nestled right next to its parent establishment, the esteemed Alta Bistro, in Whistler Village.

Nicole Drake, head chef for the new café, is brimming with enthusiasm. Having sought inspiration from acquaintances and culinary aficionados alike, she has infused the menu with a variety of eclectic dishes. From Nicoise salad to matcha croissants, the offerings are a testament to her passion for catering to diverse palates.

The owner and wine director of Alta Bistro, Eric Griffith, conveyed that Alpha Café’s vision is an extension of Alta’s philosophy. “We’re aiming for a relaxed ambience where patrons can drop by during breakfast or lunch hours,” he remarked.

Sharing its operational space with Alta Bistro in the Pinnacle Hotel Whistler Village, the Alpha Café will adhere to its commitment to inventive dishes, all curated from top-notch, locally-sourced ingredients. Sustainability and building strong bonds with local producers are hallmarks that Drake, formerly a sous chef at Alta Bistro, seeks to maintain in the new venture.

Elaborating on her inspiration, Drake recounted her fond memories of Melbourne’s vibrant coffee culture. She visualizes the café as a haven for those seeking a familiar, relaxed atmosphere away from the bustling crowds. With its strategic location off the main stroll, the café provides an element of exclusivity.

The menu is set to tantalize the breakfast enthusiasts with gourmet sandwiches, breakfast bowls, quiche, and other sumptuous pastries. Notably, Drake’s innovative “tasty-mite cheese scroll”, a spin on the iconic Australian vegemite pastry, is anticipated to be a game-changer.

Coffee aficionados can look forward to espresso-centric delights sourced from Vancouver’s renowned Milano Coffee Roasters.

In terms of aesthetics, the café will boast a chic, modern mountain decor, embodying Whistler’s picturesque alpine vibes. Griffith emphasized their commitment to sustainability, reflected in their choice of local materials and craftsmen.

Griffith is optimistic that the café will become a favored spot for casual meet-ups and formal meetings alike, with its ample seating. He is hopeful for a grand opening by month’s end, aiming to eventually stretch the café’s operational hours into the evening.

Stay tuned for an upscale, sustainable culinary experience that promises to be both a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.


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