Antiviral Tea Recipe: How to Make a Healing Herbal Brew at Home

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antiviral tea recipe



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Are you looking to make your own healing herbal tea? Do you want to get creative in the kitchen with natural remedies that can boost your immune system and reduce inflammation? You’ve come to the right place!
I have been studying natural remedies for years, and I know all of the best recipes. After years of research exploring different herbs and spices, I’m excited to share this easy recipe for a delicious, antiviral tea. All you need is five simple ingredients that can be sourced from any health food store or online shop. This tea helps support immunity and balance gut flora while providing anti-viral benefits. Plus it tastes great hot or cold so it’s perfect for an anytime pick-me-up! So let’s get started making our own herbal brew at home – no expertise required!

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antiviral tea recipe

– 1 bag of green tea
– 1 lemon
– 1 inch piece of fresh ginger
– 1 tablespoon of honey
– A pinch of turmeric powder


Step 1: Gather all your ingredients and find a cozy spot in your kitchen to prepare this delightful antiviral tea.

Step 2: Fill a kettle with water, turn on the heat, and let it come to a gentle boil. While waiting for the water to heat up, take a moment to appreciate the soothing aroma that will soon fill your home.

Step 3: Once the water is boiling, carefully pour it into your favorite teapot or mug. Drop in one bag of green tea and allow it to steep for about five minutes. This step is essential as it helps extract all those nourishing compounds from the tea leaves.

Step 4: In the meantime, grab that vibrant lemon and give it a gentle wash under cool water. With your trusty cutting board at hand, slice off two thin rounds from half of the lemon. Set these aside for garnishing later.

Step 5: Take the remaining half of the lemon and squeeze out its zesty juice into a small bowl or cup. Be sure to watch out for any sneaky seeds as you go along!

Step 6: Now comes an exciting twist! Peel that knobby piece of ginger using either a spoon or peeler – whatever method feels right for you! Place this fragrant gem on your cutting board and grate it finely until you have approximately one teaspoon’s worth ready to use.

Step7 : Add this gratifyingly aromatic ginger into your teapot/mug with steeped green tea (remember Step #3?). Ginger brings not only incredible flavor but also some fantastic immune-supporting properties!

**Pro tip:** If you want an extra kick of spice in every sip, feel free to add more grated ginger according to your taste preferences.

Step 8: Next up, let’s add a tablespoon of honey to the mix. This natural sweetener will not only enhance the flavor profile but also provide soothing relief for any pesky sore throats that might be lingering around.

**Pro tip:** Local raw honey is always a great choice as it may contain beneficial compounds specific to your area!

Step 9: Here comes an extraordinary addition – turmeric! Sprinkle in just a pinch of this golden spice which boasts impressive antiviral properties. The warm earthy notes and vibrant color will surely entice you with every sip!

**Pro tip:** Remember that turmeric can stain surfaces easily, so handle with care and avoid wearing your favorite white shirt while using it!

Step 10: Gently stir all the ingredients together in your teapot/mug until everything is evenly combined. Take a moment to delight in the lovely swirls of lemon juice and golden hues from turmeric dancing together harmoniously.

Step 11: As you pour this enchanting elixir into your favorite cup or mug, take note of how its tantalizing aroma fills the air around you. Feel free to inhale deeply – allowing yourself to fully embrace this sensory experience before savoring each sip.

Step 12: Finally, garnish your tea with those two thin rounds of lemon you set aside earlier. Not only do they look visually appealing, but they also add an extra burst of citrusy freshness when gently squeezed into each sip.

Now sit back, unwind with a good book or chat with loved ones over this comforting antiviral tea! Sip slowly and enjoy its warmth as it nourishes both body and soul. Stay well!

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