How Much Corned Beef Do You Need To Feed 7 Adults? Here’s The Answer!

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how much corned beef for 7 adults?

Corned Beef


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Are you hosting a St. Patrick’s Day gathering for seven adults and wondering how much corned beef to make? I’m here to help! I know it can be hard to estimate the exact amount of food needed for a large party, which is why I’ve done all the math for you.

In this article, I’ll provide an easy-to-follow guide on estimating just how much corned beef you need to serve your group of 7 adults. We’ll look at factors such as portion sizes, sides dishes, and leftovers that should be taken into consideration when setting up your grocery list for the big day. With more than 5 years worth of experience in cooking tasty Irish cuisine for my family and friends, rest assured that you are in good hands with me! So let’s get started planning your menu – cheers!

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how much corned beef for 7 adults?

Approximately 3-4 pounds of corned beef should be enough to feed 7 adults. Depending on the size of your cuts and the appetite of your guests, you may need a bit more or less. It is best to plan for about 1/2 pound per person if you are serving a full meal with sides such as potatoes and vegetables. If you are just serving sandwiches or wraps, then plan for about 1/3 pound per person.

Side Dishes That Complement Corned Beef

Corned beef is a beloved comfort food dish that can be enjoyed in many forms. From classic boiled dinner recipes, to sandwiches and sliders, this salty meat delicacy has been a staple of American cuisine for generations. But what side dishes should accompany your corned beef dish?

The natural sweetness of roasted root vegetables pairs well with the saltiness of the corned beef. Think potatoes, carrots, turnips and rutabaga all cooked together in one roasting pan topped with herbs for added flavor. The contrast between sweet and savory makes this simple combination an ideal accompaniment to your main course.

Another great option is coleslaw or potato salad – both are perfect complements to corned beef’s strong flavors. For a tasty twist on traditional coleslaw, try adding apples or raisins for some additional sweetness; while potato salads can be enhanced by adding celery, dill pickles or capers depending on what you prefer! These sides provide just enough crunch to cut through the richness of the corned beef without overpowering it.

If you want something more substantial than side salads then head south of the border with some Mexican-inspired accompaniments like refried beans and rice spiced up with cilantro and lime juice or even chili con carne served over tortilla chips topped off with plenty of cheese! Whatever style takes your fancy these hearty sides will make sure everyone gets their fill at mealtime!

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Corned Beef

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