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A pack of round shaped crumbl cookies with and without frosting

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With 609 stores across the United States, Crumbl cookies have spread the gospel of its uniquely flavored selection of gourmet cookies, ice cream, and other related foods.

Many homes and many hearts love their delicious snacks.

However, you don’t always need to open or eat a full pack of Crumbl cookies at once.

If you have some Crumbl cookies you cannot finish, or you just bought some but are not ready to eat them, we’re here for you.

This article talks about the best ways to store Crumbl cookies.

How to Store Crumbl Cookies

As much as you can store Crumbl cookies, they don’t store the same as mass-produced cookies. So, here’s our step-by-step guide to help store these gourmet cookies the right way.

Here’s how to store Crumbl cookies correctly in three ways:

How to store Crumbl cookies at room temperature

If you store Crumbl cookies correctly at room temperature, they can conveniently stay fresh and last up to 2 days. Follow this straightforward guide:

  1. Get an airtight container (plastic or glass jar) or a Ziploc bag.
  2. Ensure that the container or bag is free of any odors or grease, as these can act on the cookies and cause them to spoil faster. To be safe, use a glass jar with an airtight lid instead.
  3. Place the cookies carefully into the container or bag. You can place the cookies sideways or in a single layer, whichever works for you.
  4. Position the jar in a cool and dry space
  5. Whatever you do, ensure that the container or bag of Crumbl cookies is away from heat (light and direct sunlight), possible heat sources (oven, fridge, and microwave), and moisture.

How to store Crumbl cookies in the fridge

Storing Crumbl cookies in the fridge will significantly reduce their quality and offer a maximum shelf life of 7 days.

1.      Use an airtight refrigerator-safe container. Since the refrigerator is often stuffed, using a Ziploc bag might not be your best option, as your cookies can get squashed. So, use an airtight container, which could be plastic or glass.
2.      Place the cookies in the container
If the cookies are frosted, we recommend placing them side by side in the container, so you don’t ruin the frosting.
If you are dealing with plain cookies or cookies without frosting, you do not need to place them side-by-side. Instead, you can stack the cookies or gently arrange them against one another.
3.       Close the container with the lid and make sure it is airtight.
4.       Put the cookies in the fridge
When you want to place it in the fridge, do not place the container of Crumbl cookies close to savory and aromatic fruits and vegetables, open or half-open spices, and cooked and uncooked meat, as the cookies can easily absorb the taste and smell from these foods.

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How to store Crumbl cookies in the freezer

In the comfort of a freezer, well-packaged Crumbl cookies can last up to six months before they begin to go bad. But, please, do not freeze Crumbl’s frosted and plain cookies the same way because, subsequently, you might encounter some issues when thawing.

Here’s how to store frosted and plain Crumbl cookies in the freezer the right way:

Storing frosted Crumbl cookies in the freezer

1.       Freeze the frosting first

We understand if this process already sounds exhausting, but trust us when we say it is for the best.

When freezing frosted Crumbl cookies, you should freeze the frosting first by placing all the frosted cookies on a lined baking sheet or parchment paper and storing them in the freezer for about two hours or until the frosting assumes a rock-hard texture.

The reason for this process is to keep the frosting undamaged so that during thawing, the frosting does not break off or look smeared.

2.       Encase the cookies in plastic wrap or separate them using cuts of wax or parchment paper
3.       Stack the cookies in layers of two in large freezer-friendly containers
4.       Date the packaging with a pen or marker and masking tape.
5.       Freeze and use after a month for the best quality.

Thawing frosted Crumbl cookies

Thaw frosted Crumbl cookies in the fridge and not at room temperature. To avoid soggy cookies, take out the cookies from the storage bag or container, place them in a dry container, and thaw them.

The refrigerator gives the frosting a safe environment to defrost.

If you wonder whether you should thaw the frosted cookies until they are soft enough to eat, the answer is yes. Do not bring out the thawing frosted cookies from the fridge until the very moment you are ready to serve and eat them.

Storing plain/unfrosted Crumbl cookies in the freezer

1.       Wrap the cookies in plastic wrap or stack them leaving layers of parchment or wax paper between them.
2.       Place the cookies in freezer-safe containers or freezer-friendly bags.
3.       Put the day’s date on a label and attach it to the container or bag to help you identify when you began the process.

Thawing plain Crumbl cookies

When you want to thaw plain Crumbl cookies, take out the cookies from the freezer container and keep them at room temperature until the cookies are soft and edible.

Only bring out the number of cookies you intend to finish. It would help if you avoided re-freezing thawed plain Crumbl cookies.

How long do Crumbl cookies last in the fridge?

Crumbl cookies can conveniently last for up to seven days in the fridge. Unfortunately, after this seven-day mark, the cookies lose a significant amount of their quality.

How long do Cookies last in an airtight container?

Properly stored, cookies can last up to six months in an airtight container in the freezer.
However, there is a downside to this. The longer cookies spend in the freezer, the higher the chances of a decline in their quality.

How long can Crumbl cookies sit out?

Crumbl cookies can sit safely at room temperature for up to two hours.

How to reheat Crumbl cookies in the oven (the right way)

Place the cookies in an oven-safe dish and reheat them in the oven for 5 minutes at 350°F.

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How do you keep Crumbl Cookies Fresh?

Crumbl cookies are best enjoyed fresh, but if you don’t intend to eat Crumbl cookies until a later period, here are ways you can keep your Crumbl cookies fresh:

  1. Keep them in an airtight jar or Ziploc bag at room temperature for a day or two (best option).
  2. Wrap each of the cookies in plastic wrap or place parchment papers between them, arrange them in a refrigerator-friendly bag or container, and store them in the fridge for seven days or less.
  3. Wrap unfrosted Crumbl cookies with plastic wrap, place them in a freezer-safe bag or container, and freeze them for up to a month.
  4. Place frosted Crumbl cookies on a lined baking sheet and freeze for up to two hours (this will help harden the frosting). Afterward, arrange the cookies in a freezer-safe container or plastic bag (separate them from one another using wax or parchment paper) and freeze them for up to one month.

Precautions to take when Freezing Crumbl Cookies?

  1. Ensure the cookies aren’t warm and have cooled down before you begin the freezing process, so they don’t stick together.
  2. Freeze frosted cookies for two hours in the freezer with a baking sheet before placing them in a freezer-safe bag or container for long-term storage.
  3. Always label the freezing bags or containers before placing them in the freezer.
  4. Store in an airtight freezer bag or container.
  5. Always thaw frozen cookies before eating them.

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How to Reheat Crumbl Cookies in the Microwave?

When reheating Crumbl cookies, you shouldn’t use a microwave because the cookies have a higher chance of getting soggy than in an oven.

Nevertheless, if a microwave is your only option, here’s how to go about it:

  1. Lower the power of your microwave to 50%.
  2. Place about five Crumbl cookies in a microwave-friendly dish, reheat in 30-second cycles, and stop when the texture is warm and crumbly.


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