Is dry-aged beef jerky available?

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Is dry-aged beef jerky available?

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Have you been wondering if dry-aged beef jerky is available? Maybe you heard about the amazing flavor and texture of dry-aging, but weren’t sure where to find it or if it’s even possible. I’m here to tell you that not only IS dry-aged beef jerky available – you can make it at home! In this article, we’ll look into all the details from what dry-aging actually is, why it makes for such tasty jerky, what ingredients you need and how to prepare your own.

Whether your goal is simply finding a delicious snack or mastering the art of meat preparation, this guide has got everything covered so that by the end of reading, you’ll know exactly how to get hold of perfect tasting dried beef! So let’s dive in and explore everything behind the delicacy that is dry aged beef jerky!

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Is dry-aged beef jerky available?

Yes, dry-aged beef jerky is available and it can be a delicious snack. Dry-aging involves the process of aging meat in a temperature controlled environment for an extended period of time to allow the enzymes and bacteria to break down the proteins, resulting in more tender and flavorful beef. The dry-aging process also helps preserve the beef so that it can last longer than regular jerky.

The Uniqueness of Dry-Aged Beef Jerky

Not Your Grandma’s Beef Jerky

Dry-aged beef jerky isn’t your grandma’s old-fashioned, tough and chewy snack. This new breed of beef jerky is unlike anything else on the market – it has an unmistakable flavor that sets it apart from its predecessors. It’s tender yet firm in texture, and offers a unique flavor thanks to the dry aging process.

The dry aging process involves letting a cut of high-quality cow meat air out for weeks or months at a time, allowing moisture to evaporate while B vitamins, proteins and minerals break down into amino acids or polypeptides. This enhanced marination allows the natural flavors and aromas to mature over time – giving dry aged beef jerky its signature taste that can only be found with this particular kind of curing method.

Once the meat has gone through enough curing processes with temperature control and humidity monitoring, it is cut into thin strips which are then cooked slowly until they reach their peak level of perfection – leaving you with delicious savory snacks! Dry aged beef jerky also contains much fewer preservatives than traditional packaged varieties since less salt needs to be added for flavoring during production – making them easier on your stomach as well as healthier overall.


  • Unique Flavor
  • Tender Texture Yet Firm
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    Benefits of Consuming Dry-Aged Beef Jerky

    Dry-aged beef jerky is a nutritious snack that offers many benefits for those who enjoy it. The process of dry-aging has been around for centuries and allows the meat to become tender, flavorful, and packed with nutrients. Here are just some of the many advantages associated with consuming this delicious treat:

    Rich in Protein

    The high protein content in dry-aged beef jerky make it an ideal snack for athletes, bodybuilders or anyone looking to increase their daily protein intake. It’s particularly beneficial because it contains all nine essential amino acids that your body cannot create on its own. Plus – unlike other heavily processed snacks – it’s low in fat and sugar. This makes for a healthy alternative if you’re trying to cut down on unhealthy foods while still getting enough of the necessary macronutrients you need each day!

    Long Shelf Life

    Due to its long shelf life, dry aged beef jerky can be stored away without worry about spoilage or food safety concerns. And since there are no preservatives involved during the drying process, any leftovers won’t go bad quickly like other snacks would after being opened. This means you can stock up with ease knowing that your investment won’t go to waste anytime soon!

    Easy To Travel With

    Other than having an extended shelf life; traveling with dried goods such as this type of jerky is another great benefit due its light weight and durable packaging which protect against possible damages from accidental contact or dropping during transit – perfect when heading out on hikes or road trips where space may be limited but nutrition important! Not only does this product take up little room in your luggage but also provides sustenance throughout journey without fear perishable products spoiling before consumption time arrives!

    Where to Buy Quality Dry-aged Beef Jerky

    When it comes to finding the best dry-aged beef jerky, you don’t necessarily have to go far. Many grocery stores now carry high quality brands that offer a great combination of taste and texture. But if you’re looking for something truly unique or simply want to try something new, there are some excellent online vendors who specialize in creating small batch artisanal versions of this classic snack.

    Online Vendors
    Online vendors such as Krave Jerky offer an extensive selection of flavors and varieties of dry-aged beef jerky that cannot be found anywhere else. All their products are made with premium cuts of steak and slow smoked over hardwood chips, giving them a unique flavor profile not found in your average store bought product. Plus, they come vacuum sealed for optimal freshness. Their prices tend to be on the higher side but the quality is well worth it!

    • Krave Jerky
    • Wild West Jerky Co.
    • J&L’s Beef Jerky Co.

    Another option is Wild West Jerky Co., which offers a range of different types from brisket to flank steak cuts that are all guaranteed grass fed and hormone free – perfect for those who care about their health (and taste buds). Prices here tend to be more reasonable than at Krave but still provide an exceptional bite every time. And finally J&L’s Beef Jerky Co., offers up some seriously delicious options ranging from traditional recipes like garlic pepper or teriyaki glazed ones, as well as exotic flavors like mango habanero or pineapple jalapeno – definitely something for everyone!

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    Storing and Preserving Your Dry-aged Beef Jerky at Home

    If you’re an avid fan of jerky, then it’s likely that you are familiar with the process of dry-aging. Dry-aged beef is cured and aged for an extended period of time in a controlled environment to produce the most tender and flavorful beef available. As this curing process requires some specific conditions, it can be difficult to replicate at home. However, with a few simple steps and some knowledge about proper storage techniques, you can keep your own dried meat products fresh for months or even years!

    Step 1: Choose a Cool Location
    The first step in preserving your dry-aged beef jerky is selecting an area in your home that stays cool year round. This could be as simple as finding an existing unheated basement or attic space – these areas are often consistently cooler than the rest of the house year round due to their insulation from outside temperatures. If such spaces don’t exist for you, consider investing in a small wine refrigerator (which usually have adjustable temperature settings) so that can store your jerky at its optimal level of humidity without fear of over/under heating.

    Step 2: Control Humidity Levels
    Humidity plays a major role in the success/failure rate when aging meats as too much moisture will cause spoilage while not enough will lead to drying out before desired levels are reached – both leading to terrible tasting results! To ensure the best flavor profile possible from winter through summer season changes, try investing in hygrometer (a device used to measure relative humidity). These come equipped with digital displays displaying exact readings which makes monitoring easy even if stored away somewhere out of sight like inside cabinetry or closets where regular climate changes throughout different seasons aren’t typically noticeable.

    Step 3: Check Regularly
    As any seasoned butcher knows all too well checking on one’s inventory regularly is key! Once every month or two take out all packages within storage units and check them against each other ensuring there’s no signs of spoilage or molding occurring anywhere between packaged items . Spotting issues early on normally allows ample time for isolation prior to further contamination ensuring everything else remains safe! Additionally rewrapping items slightly airtight ensures full preservation until their ready for consumption down line whenever that may be !


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