Optimize Your Oil Use: Economical and Healthy Cooking Tips

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As global oil prices soar, conserving oil in cooking becomes an economical necessity, transcending just a health recommendation. Despite Spain being a major oil producer, the increasing costs compel us to look at ways to optimize its use. Here, we present tricks, tools, and tips to aid you in this endeavor.

  1. Non-stick Cookware: Foods glide effortlessly on non-stick surfaces, making these pots and pans ideal for cooking with minimal oil.
  2. Air Fryers: A godsend for those lacking oven space or on tight schedules. Air fryers offer nearly the same crispy outcomes as traditional frying but use a fraction of the oil.
  3. Spray or Brush: Instead of a heavy pour, a sprayer or a cooking brush can give you control, ensuring only a thin layer of oil graces the pan.
  4. Steam, Don’t Fry: Steaming conserves nutrients, offers a naturally tender texture to foods, and demands no oil. Consider a steam basket or a lidded pot with a rack.
  5. Bake or Roast: These methods often require less oil than frying. Think about how oven-baked fries use lesser oil than their deep-fried counterparts.
  6. Experiment with Oils: Sometimes, the robust flavor of oils like avocado or coconut means you need less of them. They can be healthier alternatives to traditional options.
  7. Grill it Up: Grilling relies on the food’s natural juices, eliminating the need for added oils.
  8. Drain and Reuse: After frying, let the food rest on absorbent paper to shed excess oil. If you’re frying again, consider straining and reusing the oil (though not more than thrice).
  9. Low-temp Cooking: Lower heat can sometimes mean less oil. It allows for gentle cooking, letting flavors meld without excessive fat.
  10. Seek Low-oil Recipes: A plethora of recipes are designed with minimal oil use in mind. Seek them out or adapt your favorites.

Incorporating these strategies won’t just benefit your wallet; they’ll elevate your cooking game and your health. Every drop counts, both in terms of oil and health benefits. Let’s make each meal an exercise in culinary and economic efficiency.


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