Delicious Sloe Chutney Recipe: How to Make the Perfect Jam-like Condiment

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sloe chutney recipe



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Do you love the perfect sweet-sour balance of chutney, but wish for a more complex taste? Then sloe chutney is here to save the day! Sloe berries are tart and tangy like cranberries, yet with an added depth of flavor that’s like nothing else. They offer a unique twist on classic condiment recipes and can lend your meals that little something extra!

In this article, I will give you my foolproof recipe for homemade sloe chutney–it’s easy, delicious, and sure to make any meal unforgettable. We’ll cover everything from selecting the right ingredients to tips on how to tweak it according to your own tastes. By the end of this post, I guarantee you’ll have all the knowledge needed to whip up a batch of delectable jamlike goodness in no time at all! So let’s get cooking!

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sloe chutney recipe

– 500g sloes
– 1 onion, finely chopped
– 2 apples, peeled and diced
– 100g raisins
– 200ml apple cider vinegar
– 150g brown sugar
– Zest and juice of 1 orange
– Zest and juice of 1 lemon
– 1 tsp ground cinnamon
– A pinch of salt


1. First things first: gather those lovely sloes! You’ll need about half a kilogram, so venture out into nature or head to your local farmers’ market to get your hands on these deep purple beauties.

2. Once you have the sloes all ready, wash them thoroughly under cool water and remove any stems or leaves that may have hitched a ride.

3. Now it’s time to chop up an onion nice and fine – we want those delicious flavors to blend seamlessly together later on. So peel away the papery layers, dice it up with care, and set it aside for now.

4. Next up are two juicy apples that will add a pleasant sweetness to our chutney. Peel those bad boys, carefully remove the core (we don’t want any unwanted surprises in our recipe), then give them a good dicing so they can join the party later.

5. Ahh raisins! These little wrinkled wonders are here to provide some chewy goodness in every bite of chutney delight we create. Measure out around one hundred grams – just enough to bring some fruity balance without overpowering everything else going on.

6. Grab yourself some apple cider vinegar too – approximately two hundred milliliters should do the trick nicely here – as this tangy liquid is going make sure our chutney has that perfect zing!

7. We can’t forget about sweetness either! Add in one hundred fifty grams of lovely brown sugar; it will melt into caramel-like bliss, enhancing all those wonderful flavors we’re melding together.

8. Citrus time! Get your hands on an orange and a lemon, zest them both using a fine grater or zester to release their aromatic oils. Then give them a good squeeze to extract the juice – we need it for extra tanginess!

9. Bring some warmth and depth with one teaspoon of ground cinnamon; just enough spice to make this chutney dance on your taste buds without overpowering the other ingredients.

10. Finally, don’t forget a pinch of salt! It will enhance all those flavors and balance out the sweetness perfectly.

11. Now that everything is prepped, let’s start cooking! In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine the sloes, chopped onion, diced apples, raisins, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, orange zest and juice, lemon zest and juice, ground cinnamon,and pinch of salt.

12. Stir everything together gently until well combined and bring it to a simmer while stirring occasionally – about 30 minutes should do it!

13. Keep an eye on our lovely chutney while it simmers away – you want it to thicken slightly but still have that delightful chunky texture.

14. Once thickened up nicely (but not too much), remove from heat and allow it to cool down completely before transferring into sterilized jars – this will help preserve its freshness for longer periods of time.

15. When you’re ready to enjoy this marvelous creation of yours (and impress everyone around you), store in a cool place for at least two weeks before opening so all those delicious flavors can mingle harmoniously.

16. Serve your homemade sloe chutney alongside cheese platters as an exquisite accompaniment or spread it generously over roast meats for that burst of fruity goodness in every bite!

Enjoy indulging in the fruits of your labor – literally! And remember: making your own chutney is a wonderful way to bring a touch of homemade magic into your kitchen. Happy cooking!

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