What Do Blue Takis Taste Like?

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What Do Blue Takis Taste Like?



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One thing about blue takis is that they taste nothing like regular takis or Fuego takis. Instead, these intensely-flavored and blue-hued tortilla chips have a spicy yet assertive fruity flavor you’ll grow to love.

Blue takis taste like a delicious little furnace in your mouth.

In comparing regular takis and blue takis, blue takis taste spicier than regular takis. The manufacturer, Barcel, describes the flavor of blue takis as ‘an intense sensory experience’ and adds that blue takis might be their most’ intense flavor yet.’

This brief article will allow us to answer more of your blue takis-related questions.

What do Blue Takis Taste Like?

Blue takis taste spicy, but not the spicy you get with other takis flavors. Instead, blue takis have a more intense spiciness than different takis flavors.

The most rewarding part of blue takis is the citrusy flavor that accompanies the heat it carries. A bite of Blue takis tastes like a bite of heat with a splash of lime.

You can easily describe the flavor of blue takis in one word, chili-lime.

If you’re not big on heat and lime, you may not enjoy blue takis.

Although the flavor of blue takis is heavily marketed as extremely hot, some online reviews may not agree. Some blue takis consumers think that the taste of blue takis is a letdown, which means that blue takis is not as hot as they are marketed to be.

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What flavor is the Blue Takis?

Blue takis are exciting hot spicy chili pepper and lime-flavored rolled tortilla chips.

Blue takis are spicy, but not the spicy that makes you huff and puff. They are spicy enough for you to acknowledge that they’ve got some kick. Their lime flavor, however, is rich and lively.

What is the Blue Takis?

Blue takis is a type of hot rolled chili pepper-flavored tortilla chips manufactured by Barcel. Blue takis come with a burst of intense citrusy lime, spiciness, and stimulating blue color.

The spiciness of blue takis starts to come out mid-palate and completely shows itself as an aftertaste. However, the lime flavor hits as soon as the chips roam your mouth.

When it comes to spiciness and lime flavors, blue takis is more forward than other takis flavors except for takis Fuego, which is the hottest takis flavor.

Despite its deliciousness and popularity, there are concerns about whether blue takis are safe to eat.

Allow us to clear that up.

  • Blue takis are high in sodium.
  • Blue takis may have negative effects on your digestive health.
  • Blue takis have a high calorie, carb, and fat content.
  • Blue takis are highly processed, and highly processed foods are not recommended for consumption.
  • Blue takis are low in essential micronutrients.

From this, it is evident that blue takis and takis, in general, may not be the best addition to a healthy diet.

Please stay with us, and we’ll expand on the above points. But for now, we’re still talking about the flavor of blue takis.

Do Blue Takis Taste the same as other Takis?

No, blue takis do not taste the same as any other takis. From its flavors to its colors, each takis is unique, as well as its level of spiciness.

To help you grasp what we mean, here’s a comparison of blue takis and other takis flavors.

Blue Takis vs. Fuego Takis

Fuego takis have a more intense, spicy, and less citrusy flavor than blue takis.

Blue takis, although spicy, do not match the spiciness level of Fuego takis. However, blue takis taste more like lime than Fuego takis.

Blue Takis vs. Nitro Takis

Nitro takis is the middle sibling between blue and Fuego takis. Nitro takis are hot but do not pack as much heat as blue takis or Fuego takis. Additionally, nitro takis have a slightly sweet flavor with a zesty kick from lime.

Blue Takis vs. Takis Xplosion

If you find the heat in blue takis, nitro takis, and Fuego takis too much, we suggest you try Takis Xplosion.

Takis Xplosion is the right mix of cheesiness and heat. So if you would have a cheesy and spicy snack rather than blue takis’ citrusy and spicy flavor, you should try takis xplosion.

Blue Takis vs. Takis Nachos Xplosion

The heat in Takis Nachos Xplosion is toned down compared to blue takis.

Perhaps the most important thing to note here is that Takis Nachos Xplosion is a perfect blend of tortilla chips and nachos, which means that these bad boys are spicy, with a vibrant and intense cheesy kick.

Takis Nachos Xplosion does not contain lime.

Blue Takis vs. Takis Crunchy Fajitas

Takis Crunchy Fajitas are tender with heat compared to blue takis. Rather, takis crunchy fajitas pack more on Mexican spices that give it the characteristic fajitas flavor.

Blue Takis vs. Takis Guacamole

Unlike blue takis, with its lime and extreme spiciness, takis guacamole is a mildly spicy takis flavor that features green-colored chips with that distinctive smokey Mexican guacamole twist.

So you see, blue takis do not taste the same as other takis flavors.

If anything, the takis manufacturer, Barcel, has done a great job giving each takis flavor a unique twist.

Is Blue Takis Vegan?

Blue takis is not entirely vegan. Here’s why.

Blue 1, a food coloring used to make blue takis, is generally considered vegan but is not cruelty-free, as it is reportedly tested on animals.

Moreover, blue takis contains Disodium inosinate, a meat-derived substance.

Based on this, vegans might want to avoid blue takis.

Other non-vegan takis flavors include:

  • Takis Original
  • Takis Guacamole
  • Takis BBQ Picante
  • Takis Fuego Azul
  • Takis Crunchy Fajitas
  • Takis Wild
  • Takis Angry Burger
  • Takis Party
  • Takis Extra Hot
  • Takis Lava
  • Takis Rock
  • Takis Cobra

Here’s the list of vegan-friendly takis flavors:

  • Takis Salsa Brava
  • Takis Nitro
  • Fuego Takis
  • Takis Zombie Flavor

Are Blue Takis Spicier than Fuego Takis?

Blue takis are not spicier than Fuego takis.

The heat in Fuego takis is more intense than in blue takis. Nevertheless, some believe that blue takis and Fuego takis have the same heat level; the only differences are the colors and the more vibrant flavor in blue takis.

Another demography thinks that blue takis and Fuego takis taste exactly alike.

Although questionable, we are not here to invalidate and discredit people’s taste buds, but one thing we will say is that tastes differ, even with the same products.

Which is Spicier, Hot Cheetos or Takis?

Hot Cheetos usually have a more extreme spiciness than takis.

Let’s compare the hottest from both brands.

The heat of flamin’ hot Cheetos often builds as you eat and may not be as instantaneous as the spiciest takis flavor, Fuego.

So it might take some time for the spiciness in flamin’ hot Cheetos to kick in, but you’ll feel it when it does.

Which Taki is the hottest?

Fuego takis is the hottest of the takis flavors. Fuego takis have a more intense spiciness than any other flavor.

Although Fuego takis have a lime flavor just like blue takis, the tang of the lime is rather subtle, almost unnoticeable.

Is Takis Safe to Eat?

If you’re health-conscious, takis may not be your best snack. Here’s what we mean:

Takis are high in sodium

Like other salty snacks, takis have a high sodium content, and foods high in sodium are problematic for your health.

Too much salt puts you at risk of water retention and bloating, increased blood pressure, heart disease, stomach cancer, and even premature death.

Takis may have negative effects on your digestive health

Takis may irritate your stomach lining if eaten in large portions.

When your stomach lining is irritated, you can develop gastritis. In addition, Symptoms of gastroesophageal disease (like indigestion and heartburn) can also develop in some individuals.

Also, if you have irritable bowel syndrome, we advise you to avoid takis as it may trigger stomach aches.

Takis has a high calorie, carb, and fat content

 Per 100g of serving, it is evident that takis are high in fat, carbs, and calories which is not ideal for a healthy diet.

Takis are highly-processed

Research shows that eating highly-refined foods can cause you to develop heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Also, when you eat highly-processed foods, you risk becoming overweight.

Furthermore, ultra-processed foods can ultimately cause premature death.

Takis are low in essential micronutrients

The only micronutrient takis are high in is sodium, which we already established is bad if consumed in excess.

Takis contain calcium and iron but at insignificant levels. For example, the calcium in one ounce of a 28 g package of takis is only 4% of the recommended daily value. At the same time, iron is merely 2% of the daily recommended value.

Why is Takis so Addictive?

If you find takis addictive, blame your brain, literally.

The reason takis is so addicting is because of your brain’s reward system. This reward system works to release dopamine, the feel-good chemical, whenever you satisfy a craving or a drive.

Highly palatable foods, foods high in fat, carbohydrates, sugar, and salt, usually trigger this pleasure response from the brain.

This reward you get motivates you to continue eating takis even when you may be full. But, unfortunately, this is why you find takis so addicting.


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