What Oat Milk Does Dunkin Use?

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Oat milk is spiraling into popularity due to its many health benefits over regular milk.

Many ask if Dunkin uses oat milk, and if so, what oat milk does Dunkin use?

Yes! Dunkin uses oat milk.

You can get oat milk at your neighborhood Dunkin donuts because they now offer customers a top-notch brand of oat milk called Planet Oat.

You can enjoy Planet Oat’s oat milk at Dunkin by trying out their oat milk latte, which is new to their menu.

What Oat Milk does Dunkin use?

If you’ve tried Dunkin Donuts’ oat milk latte, you will want to know what type of oat milk Dunkin uses. This is because they often have that effect.

Dunkin uses Planet Oat’s oat milk. Planet Oat is a leading oat milk brand in the United States.

At the beginning of 2020, Dunkin donuts began serving Planet Oat’s oat milk in their California outlets. By August 2020, Dunkin Donuts began using oat milk in all its outlets in the United States.

The Planet Oat’s oat milk which Dunkin uses, has a rich, savory flavor and a very creamy texture.

Are you at Dunkin Donuts, ready to try the oat milk that Dunkin offers? You can do so by ordering Dunkin’s oat milk latte. Dunkin’s oat milk latte is a unique mix of oat milk and expresso that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

The good thing about the oat milk Dunkin uses is you can use it instead of cream or regular milk for any item on the menu. So if you don’t want regular milk in your matcha latte, frozen coffee, hot coffee, chi latte, iced coffee, and espresso, you can use Planet Oat’s oat milk as a substitute. The only downside is the additional charge.

Oat milk’s significant advantage over regular milk is its health benefits. Oat milk provides healthy vitamins and minerals without the problematic presence of lactose and saturated fat. We’ll explain this in detail as you read on.

Does Dunkin have oat milk now?

Yes, Dunkin has oat milk now.

Dunkin has been using Planet Oat’s oat milk since early 2020. However, oat milk was only available in their California outlets during this time. In August 2020, Dunkin upscaled with the oat milk idea and expanded the oat milk service to all Dunkin outlets in the United States.

So if you want some Oat milk from Dunkin, visit your local Dunkin Donuts and order an oat milk latte (a hearty blend of expresso and Planet Oat’s oat milk).

If an oat milk latte doesn’t do it for you, Dunkin welcomes you to use the oat milk in your favorite drinks at an extra charge.

What’s in the Dunkin oat milk iced latte?

The Dunkin oat milk iced latte is made of oat milk, Dunkin’s signature espresso, and brown sugar cookie flavor.

This Dunkin oat milk iced latte is robustly-flavored with creamy and sweet tones. They perfectly mimic the flavor of freshly-baked cookies from the oven.

Because of this, it has become a trend for people to drink the Dunkin oat milk iced latte instead of a plate of cookies to reduce carb and fat intake.

Is the Dunkin oat milk latte sweet?

Dunkin oat milk latte is sweet.

One of its key features is its sugary tone. This is because of the brown sugar cookie syrup that is added to the beverage while making it. This syrup gives the drink its characteristic sweet taste.

If you drink the Dunkin oat milk latte, you might find that it tastes creamy, sweet, and has a hint of freshly-baked cookie flavor. Again, we 10/10 would recommend this beverage for coffee enthusiasts who would appreciate a unique and sweet-flavored coffee.

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Which is better, Almond Milk or Oat Milk?

Oat and almond milk have their strengths and weaknesses, but preference is the most significant determinant in choosing which is better.

Here’s how they differ.

Nutritional makeup

Although oat milk is often paraded as having a high protein content, almond milk’s protein content towers over oat milk.

Oat milk contains a higher amount of fiber than almond milk.

Calcium, vitamins A, E, B, D, and B12 are more in almond milk than in oat milk.

Sugar content

Even though both have moderate sugar content, almond milk has less sugar than oat milk. Oat milk will work better if you like sweet beverages or prefer a milk substitute with a little more sugar. Almond milk is better if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake.

Carbs and calories

Oat milk has a higher quantity of carbs and calories than almond milk. Considering this, oat milk is the better choice if you have a high-carb tolerance or you’re looking for a healthy way to stack up on carbs.


Oat milk is less likely to cause bloating than almond milk.

Almond milk has a higher level of unsaturated fats

This means almond milk is richer in healthy monounsaturated fats that play several beneficial roles, from reducing blood cholesterol to stabilizing heart rhythms.


Oat milk has the upper hand here as they are more sustainably produced than almond milk.

Almond milk often contains extra additives like xanthan gum and carrageenan, which can inflame the gut lining and cause bloating.

Oat milk has a lower carbon content than almond milk. In the same breath, oat milk has a reduced environmental impact than almond milk. When producing one pound of oat milk, one-six of the amount of water used to produce one pound of almond milk is used.

Flavor and texture

Oat milk shares similarities with cow milk in flavor and texture, but we can’t say the same for almond milk.

Almond milk usually has a watery consistency, but oat milk is a bit thicker, which makes it excellent for lattes.

Is Oat Milk Good for Weight Loss?

Oat milk makes a good assist for weight loss.

We said assist because drinking oat milk alone will not give you the desired effect.

It would help if you paired this low-fat milk alternative with the proper exercise to help you lose weight.

Compared to other plant-based milk, oat milk ranks high in the carb and calorie department but is generally low on calories and carbs. Additionally, oat milk is low in fat and sugar and high in protein and fiber.

So if you’re looking to shed some pounds, substitute regular milk for oat milk.

Is oat milk inflammatory?

Oat milk may be inflammatory if any of these oils are listed in its ingredients:

  • Soy oil
  • Corn oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Vegetable oil

You should avoid any brand of oat milk with any of these listed oils because they are high in omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-6 fatty acids can cause inflammation if eaten at elevated levels.

If you must use oat milk, look for brands that do not have the above oils listed in the ingredients.

Does oat milk have side effects?

Oat milk has side effects, and we will talk about them.

  • If you consume oat milk too much, you are sticking up on your calorie intake.
  • Sweetened oat milk contains a considerable amount of added sugar, which can cause weight gain, increase your risk of heart disease, and usher in other adverse effects. Therefore, you should use unsweetened oat milk instead.
  • Commercially-made oat milk often has added preservatives and flavorings that may cause issues for your digestive health.

Are oat milk lattes healthy?

One thing about oat milk is they’re healthier than regular milk, so oat milk lattes automatically inherit this nutritional profile.

Oat milk is a good substitute for regular milk if you:

  • have dietary restrictions,
  • are vegan,
  • are gluten-free,
  • are lactose intolerant,
  • are allergic to soy and nuts.

 Oat milk stands out compared to other plant-based milk because it has more fiber and protein. However, it is also important to note that oat milk is high in carbohydrates and calories.

Which is healthier, oat or soy milk?

Although oat and soy milk contain calcium, potassium, iron, protein, vitamin B12, and vitamin D, soy milk stands out as the healthier option. This is because:

  • soy milk contains more protein. Per serving, it has double the protein content of oat milk,
  • soy milk is richer in vitamins D & B12 and calcium than oat milk,
  • and oat milk is often higher in carbs than soy milk.


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