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It can be disappointing and, frankly, annoying to make an Instacart order only for you to receive your groceries the next day. It is even worse when you plan to use the groceries that day.

The only way to avoid this is to get familiar with the time Instacart closes.

Suppose you are a busy bee only free to do your Instacart grocery shopping in the evenings or during the weekend, or you happen to remember to get groceries from Instacart in the evening or on weekends. In that case, you may be interested to know what time Instacart closes.

What time does Instacart close?

Instacart deliveries often begin as early as 9 am for most stores and stop delivering around midnight. The reason for this is that Instacart often counts on grocery store hours. So since many grocery stores close before midnight and open up around 9 am, Instacart follows this memo with their delivery and closes around this time.

In some cases, Instacart will close or stop delivering at midnight. It would help if you surveyed the Instacart page of the store you want to order from before placing your order. You’ll get the necessary information on Instacart closing time and delivery time.

However, if you’re ordering from grocery stores open 24 hours, you’re lucky because you can still place an order anytime. These stores include CVS, 7-eleven, Walgreens, Safeway, and Right aid. Regardless, not all CVS or 7-eleven stores are open 24 hours. If the CVS or 7-eleven store around you has a closing time, you won’t be able to order from them after they close.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the Instacart app does not close; it is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Only Instacart delivery closes.

What time does Instacart’s customer service close?

Instacart care is available 24/7. Instacart care is a live chat customer service system where you can chat with an Instacart representative about any issues you may have.

Instacart used to have a phone call option for customer service, but unfortunately, they don’t have that anymore. All they have is Instacart care.

How to contact Instacart’s customer care using Instacart care.

  • On desktop.

Visit this link.

  • Via the Instacart mobile app.

Follow this process. Tap on Menu >>> Help >>> Scroll down and tap Get help.

If your issue is not so urgent, you can contact Instacart via Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, PinterestEmail, or Facebook.

Instacart has unique contact numbers dedicated to specific groups of people.

  • Persons aged 60 years and above can call 1-844-981-3433 when they have a complaint.
  • Persons with disabilities who would like to sign up to use Instacart can call 650-935-5020 for help.
  • California residents are assigned (800) 952 -5210 or (916) 445-1254 as location-specific Instacart customer service lines.

These customer service lines are only available when Instacart delivery services are available, between 8 am and 11 pm ET.

What time is the last Instacart order?

In most cases, Instacart delivery starts around 9 am and ends towards midnight. So most final orders of the day might be taken hours before midnight, sometime around the early hours of the night.

Keep in mind that this is merely an estimate. If you want more accurate information on Instacart orders and delivery times, you should visit the Instacart page of the grocery store you intend to order from and do a thorough read-through before making any purchases.

This will help you streamline your order to delivering your groceries on time.

What time do Instacart batches start in the morning?

Instacart batches often start as early as 9 am and can run through the day until 10 pm or around midnight. As an Instacart customer, you can tailor your orders around these times.

How to order on Instacart.

  1. Log in to the Instacart app. Ensure that your delivery zip code is the same as the zip code of your location. Then, add the correct delivery address by tapping the ‘shopping in’ zip code at the top of the page. Having the correct delivery address helps you streamline available location-specific stores to shop.
  2. Select the store you want to shop from, search for the items you want to add to your cart and add them. Then, decrease or increase the quantity of any item by tapping on the – or + signs.
  3. To place orders for specific items that may not be on Instacart’s catalog, scroll down and tap ‘add a special request.’
  4. Review your order. Tap the shopping cart at the top right corner of the page and go through the list of everything in your cart to ensure they’re correct.

You can add specific instructions for the shopper to follow when picking certain items from the shelf. To do this, tap the instructions icon.

If you want to remove an item, tap the remove icon.

  • Process to click on checkout. First, select your preferred delivery time from the available options. Next, review the delivery and payment details to ensure everything is correct. Finally, tap on ‘place order.’

Are Instacart orders timed?

Yes, Instacart’s orders are timed.

The shoppers are given an allotted amount of time to shop for an item, and the shoppers have to keep to time while getting every item and making no mistakes. On occasions where any item is unavailable, the shopper is tasked with alerting the customer and suggesting available alternatives.

This way, the orders are delivered on time, and the customers are satisfied.

Can I choose when I want my groceries delivered?

Yes, Instacart allows you to choose what day and time you want your groceries delivered, so it’s convenient for you.

You can choose the time you want your groceries delivered at checkout, whether two or five hours later.

Instacart’s extended order ahead feature allows you to place orders 14 days in advance. This feature is excellent for when you need to restock on recurring necessities.

How long does Instacart take to deliver?

Instacart deliveries often take between two and five hours. At check out, the customer is given options to choose between two and five-hour delivery. Instacart usually keeps to time, although there can be exceptions from time to time.

Why is Instacart so slow?

No one likes it when their orders take longer than stipulated to get delivered, but sometimes, the delay is inevitable. Here are some reasons why your Instacart order is slow.

  • There aren’t many available Instacart shoppers; this often happens when Instacart is newly introduced to an area. The demand exceeds supply.
  • You gave your Instacart shopper too many or too few instructions; too many or too few instructions may confuse the shopper.
  • Extreme weather conditions; when the weather condition in your location is extreme, the Instacart driver must first consider their safety.
  • The Instacart app is experiencing glitches like freezing and closing unexpectedly, making it difficult for your shopper to access your order.
  • It is a peak day or period for Instacart; Instacart’s deliveries may take longer on days or seasons when people tend to do more grocery shopping, like the weekend or festive seasons.
  • The Instacart shopper is a newbie.
  • You forgot to pay for priority delivery; if you consistently pay for Instacart’s priority delivery and forget to one day, those few extra wait hours may feel like months because you aren’t used to waiting that long.

Where does Instacart deliver late?

Instacart may deliver your order late in areas with extreme weather conditions, rural areas with few close-by partner grocery stores, and urban cities with more orders than shoppers

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